The world of technology has gone through incredible changes over the years, and that is an understatement. If we take a look at the gadgets which have been launched in the last few years, we can see that the rate at which the changes have come in is pretty unthinkable. And that is quite exceptional for the common people who consume these gadgets. These new gadgets have life much easier for each and every human being who has managed to get hold of any one the latest gadgets which have come out in the recent past.

As we talk about the electronic gadgets which have come out, we cannot overlook the field of video games. Here also development has reached incredible heights, and that has made the gamers much more engaged towards the games they play. And as the games have developed, the gaming consoles have also gone through some incredible changes. The gaming consoles have reached new heights, and it is believed that with at least two new such devices waiting in the pipeline, the gamers are scheduled to experience something really unbelievable, something they could not even think of even, say, a decade back. A decade is a long time, but then the way the changes have come in, ten years seem too little.

Among the manufacturers of the gaming consoles, two of the most popular have been Sony and Microsoft. Among these two, it is Microsoft who is expected to come up with their latest gaming console – the Xbox 2 at an earlier date. There are quite a lot of rumors and speculations regarding the released ate of the Xbox 2. And that is quite obvious. Any gaming console manages to have new rumors and speculations regarding it coming up every now and then, and there is no exception in this case as well. The rumors are of the opinion that the Xbox 2 is going to come out on the market before the end of the year. However, that is not the case. But the speculators are not too wrong as it has been revealed officially that Xbox Two will be launched during the E3 this year and that is certainly going to make the fans of gaming consoles from Microsoft really excited. However, it definitely remains to be seen when the device physically arrives on the market.

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Regarding the XBox 2 features, there is nothing official, and that is quite obvious, and we will have to wait for the console to be launched before the end of this year to get an official statement on that. But then, there is no lack of rumor like always. It has been reported on a number of occasions that the upcoming gaming console is going to hit the market with a 5 GB Ram which is a huge upgrade form the 2 GB Ram in the original Xbox One. Not just that, it is predicted that it is going to be the first gaming console from Microsoft which will be supportive of true 4K resolution. However, once the device gets launched, we can get an idea of that. So we need to wait for the launch which, as said earlier, will take place during the E3.