WWE 2k18 Roster

WWE 2K18 is one of the new games which are scheduled to be launched in the course of the remaining part of the ongoing year. And it is quite natural to come across some speculations and rumors regarding the WWE 2K18 features particularly after we have come across the trailer of the game a few days back. One of the most important aspects of the game which have grabbed the attention of the gamers is the WWE 2K18 roster.

It is an obvious fact that the upcoming edition of the wrestling game from 2K Sports will see a number of new names getting added in the list of the players who are going to be included. And that will take place alongside the inclusion of a number of names which are already there. And here we enlist few names who might feature included in the WWE 2K18 roster once the game gets launched on October 17.

New roster of WWE 2k18
WWE 2k18 roster
  • Speaking of popular names on the wrestling circuit, there isn’t many who can match Hulk Hogan. But he was not there on the WWE 2K17 roster. So it is very much a possibility that he might come in to be a part of the list of players in the WWE 2K18 game as a legendary figure.
  • Matt Hardy is another name which is definitely going to make the fans really excited. He made a surprise entry into the scenes during the Wrestlemania 33 as a part of the famous Hardy Boyz Tag Team. So it is very much plausible that we are going to come across Matt Hardy on the roster of WWE 2K18.
  • Among the women characters, we might find Maryse getting a tick as far as the WWE 2K18 roster is concerned. That would be a welcome inclusion for she has been one of the important participants in the proceedings in the actual game of WWE.

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There was a bit of a problem before the launch of the WWE 2K17 particularly because of the split that took place between WWE Raw and WWE Smackdown. A lot of things went missing in the game, and clearly, there was an impact on the roster of the game as well. But this time around, such things are going to get solved for the developers of the game as Yuke’s and Visual Concepts have a clear idea of how things are going to shape up. Hence, there shouldn’t be too much of a concern for the gamers regarding the WWE 2K18 roster. And with the release of WWE 2K18 not too far away, things are seemingly getting interesting. So stay tuned to get the feel of all that is happening surrounding this incredible wrestling game from 2K Sports.