Ever heard of Showbox? Sure you have if you pay good attention to what your friends are doing when they are not hanging out with you. With YouTube getting older and older, young people these days are moving on to newer things and Showbox, it seems, is the newest “in” thing. Now you can have the app too. In this post, we are going to let you know why you should really get your hands in the app and how exactly you can get your hands on it.

The app offers a ton of perks that are pretty unbelievable because all these come free of cost. Moreover there no fear of hidden costs or subscription and this is one major reason for the app’s popularity. The doesn’t just make huge promises; it delivers what it says it does. There are tons of movies, TV shows, even cartoons waiting to be seen just by you. There are tons of old forgotten videos waiting to be discovered. One of the things that we really liked is the easy of using an app and also while navigating. Everything is divided based on category and genres, so you can just check those out if you don’t have anything immediate to see. There are loads of suggestions and recommendations that promise never to let you be bored.

Using the app, you can either stream of download the videos that you want to watch. There are various options from where you can choose the convenient pixels based on the internet speed and time you have. You can even choose to download HD quality videos so that you can watch your favorite videos later. And did we mention the speed enhancer using which even with a slow internet speed you can download or stream without suffering buffers and any sort of hindrance!

Now enough of the features, here’s how you can get your hands on the app right now. Showbox isn’t available on Google Play Store, but you can still get to use it and take full advantage of an entertainment app like that. Before getting started, you need to make some changes in your handset first. Go to Settings, then Security and then enable “Unknown Resource.” This would make your handset ready for downloading and installing Showbox.

After that done, Google Search for Showbox apk and then open the first website you get your hands on. Now download the app by clicking on the download button. The app will automatically be downloading after which it’ll install itself too. Following this, you need to restart your handset, and you should be able to see the app among other apps on your phone.

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For anyone wanting to use the app on their PC, here’s a way. Download an Android emulator (Bluestacks would be our choice because it’s the most popular and widely used). What the emulator would do is fool the app to believe that it’s working on an Android platform while in realty Showbox is working on an Android platform.