Playstation 5 rumors

The field of technology is looking forward to the launch of a number of new gaming consoles in the coming days. And these are the Xbox One X (the product of the Project Scorpio) and the PS5. We got some official update from Microsoft regarding its product. And quite naturally PlayStation 5 rumors are coming in numbers.

The latest one has stated that the gaming console is not going to be launched anytime soon. In fact, the gamers will have to wait for two more years in order to come across the gaming console. To be precise, the PS5 leaks have stated that it will be in 2019 that the gamers will be able to get the first look of the device. The source is the analysis of Michael Pachter who is currently an analyst at the Wedbush Securities.

He has never directly stated that 2019 is the probable release date of PS5. But it has been derived from what he has stated regarding the features of the beastly gaming console from Sony. Taking the cue from what Shawn Layden had said regarding PS5, Mr. Pachter has told that the next-generation gaming console from Sony will support the 4K resolution and that’s a surety.

rumors of Playstation 5

Now what is much more interesting is the fact that the PlayStation 5 speculations state that it is going to be backwards compatible with the PS4 Pro. That will be really for the gamers who are planning to get hold of one when it comes out on the market. What this speculation of PS5 does is; it brings Sony’s new console at par with the gaming consoles from Microsoft. Backwards compatibility is one thing where Microsoft has enjoyed an upperhand. If Sony manages to improve the backwards compatibility in PS5, it will be really interesting to find out how things pan out eventually.

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Now getting back to the PS5 rumors related to the release date of the gaming console, it can be stated that what has been revealed of late is very much in line with the previous speculations of PlayStation 5. Previously it has been stated that the gaming console will hit the shelves in 2019. And there were chances that the release date of PS5 might get delayed to 2020. But definitely, the possibility of that happening has taken the backstage, particularly after Shawn Layden’s words. Certainly, the gamers have got a lot of revelations in store in the coming days and to stay updated regarding that do not forget to come back to this thread.