Why is iMessage not working properly on iOS8

iMessage not working

There are plenty of reasons for malfunctioning of the IMessage app. Even though there are alternative applications for iMessage app like WhatsApp, Kik, Facebook Messenger, messages great to use and more user-friendly when compared to the other apps. For people still who uses iMessage app, they feel much irritated when they face incidents like disconnecting or not delivering when they are in a serious chat. Some of the reasons for…

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Euro 2016 France: Happiness and the Hidden Fear

With all the countries declaring their team lineups the air is quite charged in France for the upcoming European Championship 2016. But underneath the free flowing happiness and celebrations, there is an undercurrent of fear and apprehension. France’s tryst with terrorism and xenophobia has led to a silent unrest among the residents of the country. Unpleasant Past The fears were recently brought to the forefront after the US warned people…

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LG G6 Release Date, Price, Feature, Specs

LG G6 Release Date

LG G6 that is supposed to be released during the month of March 2017 in the Mobile World Congress. This premium smartphone has already created sensation with its features and specifications. The LG G6 will be the next installment from the increasingly popular LG smartphone series, and the 6th edition is expected to be the best of the series. As the year passes by, LG has made a name for itself by this flagship…

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