LG G6 Release Date

LG G6 that is supposed to be released during the month of March 2017 in the Mobile World Congress. This premium smartphone has already created sensation with its features and specifications. The LG G6 will be the next installment from the increasingly popular LG smartphone series, and the 6th edition is expected to be the best of the series. As the year passes by, LG has made a name for itself by this flagship device and from the rumors we’re already hearing G6 will be one well worth waiting for.

Since the launch of the LG G4, the entire concept of this extremely competitive mobile world has changed that has helped the LG compete with the big market giants whose names include including Samsung and Apple. With all the innovations that are rumored to be packed in it, it might be a game changer. Enhanced speed, precision and memory along with the new features discussed below will be adding something new for those looking for the best of smartphones.

LG G6 Release Date

The leaked rumors suggest many big changes including a larger display of phone giving users a truly advanced mobile device. We are also hearing the G6 will be bringing forth some new innovations including eye sensing technology, waterproof, and 3D display. The 5.6” display will be one of the best seen in any 2017 smartphone with the true 4K display having a resolution of 4096 x 2160. Since, we all love using our phones all the times, big screen with enhanced display is bound to make user experience more engaging.The 4K display will be taken care by the Qualcomm’s octa-core processor that is expected to be clocked at 3.0 GHz. The blazing fast processor will help with multi-tasking, productivity, and allow the handset to cool down faster if it features the 5 GB RAM.

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Not only LG will be offering bigger screen and amazing display, the phones are also supposed to be coming with health sensors. This will help users to lead a healthy life amongst their busy schedules with help of this smartphone. One of the USP of LG G smartphones has been the price as they have been launched compared to other market competitors. The rumored launch price of LG G6 in the US is believed to start around $750. Moreover, those consumers who are going to book preorders will be getting a number of free accessories like wireless charging unit, high memory external memory card and other in-store offers. Renowned mobile carriers also plan to offer lucrative monthly lease and including the option to upgrade.

LG’s next best is this gadget which is going to be designed keeping in mind the demands of the consumer.