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The first thing to know is that, Kik for PC does not have official log out function. The only way, you can sign out is by resetting the app. However, this process can delete all of the messages on the app. That is why you should have a back up of all important messages. You will not be able to retrieve those messages once they have been deleted.

In this article we will read about how to reset Kik Messenger properly.

kik messenger

How to reset Kik Messenger properly?

Like you read above, you need to save the messages which you want to keep. You will then want to log out of the Kik app. But, that will delete all of your messages. That is why you should not leave any important messages. You can save important messages by pressing and holding a message and then tap copy in the menu that appears.

You will then need to paste the copied message into another document on your phone like a Google Doc. It is vital that you take a screenshot of the message you want to keep. You can open the message to see the whole thing on your screen. You should press and hold the screenshot combination on your phone.

Then tap the gear button which is located at upper-right corner. This opens the Kik settings menu on which you should tap your account. It gives your account details. You will want to scroll down and tap reset Kik. You have to confirm once after being prompted. After you get reset on Kik you are logged out and all your messages are deleted.

You can use Kik by logging in again. When you do not know your Kik password, you can reset it by visiting and entering your Kik email address. You need to follow the link in the message which you receive for being able to create a new password. However, you will want to know that this can still delete all of the messages on the original device.

You should deactivate your Kik account permanently. When you have completely finished your work with Kik, you should deactivate your account You need to then visit page to enter in the email address. You will then need to open the email which you have received and then follow the link to deactivate your account.

You can perhaps check your spam folder and ensure that is not present in there. Those of you use Gmail will want to check the updates and promo tabs. That way you make sure that you have not missed out on the email.

Hope you this article how to reset Kik Messenger properly useful. Since you now know how to reset Kik Messenger properly, you will want to go ahead and get it done.