Getting the perfect print for a movie, or getting your movie online in the first place is one huge headache. To make things rather easier, and less disappointing, here we have for you all that you’ve got to know about the Showbox app. You do not want to miss out on that favourite movie or the everyday regular TV show. If you have, and wish to catch up, then here’s the perfect way out to have yourself up to date back again!


In this article, we’ll tell you why do you need Showbox for all your movie and TV show needs, and of course, how can you have it on your Windows laptops and PC’s by downloading the ShowBox APK file.

Download ShowBox for Windows 7 or 8 or 8.1

1.     For Showbox to be usable on Windows, you need to have an emulator. Showbox is an app exclusively meant for Android devices, and therefore, the first thing to be done is to download Bluestacks, which will help you work with Android apps on your PC itself.

2.       Blue Stacks is available on the internet for free. You will just have to download the app and do the installations to set it up and make sure that it works on your PC properly.

3.       Having done that, you’ve got to find the latest version of Showbox and then download the apk file for the same.

4.       Once that’s done, you can simply download the apk and begin with the installation for the same

5.       Once done, you’ll be good to go and use the App!

Using the App:

·        ShowBox is a great app which allows its users to download or stream movies or TV shows online. The app is totally safe and does not require you to follow an array of steps for registrations, etc.

·         The page that opens up has the latest movie list and a few famous ones. In order to view TV Shows, you can switch the tabs!

·         Downloading is easy and simple, with availability of the vids in multiple qualities. Probably the best part in here is the fact that you’d never have to bear the pain of viewing videos which are recorded or rather pirated. What you get here is the best quality!

ShowBox is really a great application which offers a really great productivity and it is not even too hard to find! So if you’ve been on a lookout for a nice app to play movies and TV shows for a while, here we have you sorted!