Shareit for Windows

The technological revolution has made our lives too easy to deal with everyday requirements. Now as the need of sharing is an important task that we do almost every day, the provision of doing it with our phone can turn out to be the best way out.  When apps have become too efficient to deal with all our needs and demand, Shareit( has become the revolutionary change as a service providing system.

Till now the best app for transferring data and files, this app can work without internet or wifi connection. This makes the app more efficient and helping the users. Another factor that is important is the speed. Shareit is fast like no other app. It provides 200 times faster service than Bluetooth. So there is absolutely no way, you can counter the efficiency of this excellent sharing app.

shareit for windows

Download Shareit for Windows Phone

This app is available on the official website of Shareit. To download it, just visit the site and click on the ‘WinPhone’ option. But before downloading get some needed information of this app.

Shareit Availability

Shareit is available in the latest versions as well as the old versions. The list is here:

  • Version

Benefit: fix crash bugs

  • Version

Benefit: fix UI bugs on WP81

  • Version

Benefit: fix bugs, increase loading file speed,  fix some crash bug, optimize page animation, fix ui bugs

  • Version

Benefit: Fix collapse to load photo bug on the selected file page, Optimize UI experience on small screen, for some devices can fix scan QR code bug

  • Version

Benefit: fix user discover bugs, fix ui bugs, fix to send file to PC fail bug

  • Version

Benefit: fix transmission bug, fix the android hotspot bug, deliver newly selected content on ui for mobile version (UWP), it can also bring the drag file feature for desktop version

  • Version

Benefit: fix transmission bug, add android hotspot scanner feature (Mobile Version)

What you need to get the App on Your Device

to get the app on your Windows phone, you have to fulfill certain requirements.

System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8
  • Architecture: ARM, x86, x64
  • Touch: Integrated Touch

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Last Words

Smartphones are hailed as ‘smart,’ thanks to such apps. Shareit is also available for English and Mandarin language, making this app vastly usable. Downloading Shareit for Windows is another way for the app to prove its worth and improvisation to deal with the competition and we can bait, this is the reason the app Shareit is now as successful as an app and so popular for its support.