The Samsung Galaxy S8 is among the hotly awaited phones of this year. For anyone who wants to get their hands on the handset should know that the cases are the first line of protection for any smartphone. While there’s a lot to look forward to in the Galaxy S8, it’s important that one gets the best cases for the handset. Here we have chosen a handful of cases for anyone thinking of buying Samsung’s latest flagship.

The Galaxy S8 is one monster of a device that you can’t practically put down. Speaking of features, the S8 comes with a plethora is incredible envious features and obviously, an S8 owner would like this handset to last longer enough to savor the handset to its fullest. This is where the Galaxy S8 cases come in. So out of the hundreds of cases available in the market, how does one choose the best one or the one that is best suited to your needs and your pockets? It’s really easy, simply go for the top-notch case brands. Either you can do it manually, or you can pick up one of the following cases we have suggested in the following paragraphs.

Otter Box S8 cases are not just one of the best-looking cases you’d find but also some of the best quality cases out in the market. The company is known for making the best cases of top-notch mobile phones, like iPhone, etc. The case gives your handset a non-bulky look and offers ads many as ten different colors to choose from. It is stylish, sleek and very pocket-friendly. The case is constructed with durable material that is made to absorbs shock and withstand damages in case the handset slips off your hand now and then, which is very likely to happen. The S8 easily slips into the case and fit perfectly, thanks to its precise cut-outs that allows easy access to ports and buttons.

Spigen is another big name in the case industry. Its Armor Case for Samsung Galaxy S9 is among the best you can find in the market. The company has been around for years, and with their cumulative knowledge, they have made a case fitting to their reputation and the handset’s class. This particular case is made of a single-layer TPU that if flexible, unique and very glossy. The case is pretty sturdy too so that to absorb impacts of accidental falls and crashes. It’s also Military Grade Certified so that with every accidental drop the shock of the fall is dispersed throughout the phone, saving your handset from damages. One of the highlights of this particular case is the raised bezels that protect the screen of the phone without adding any bulk. The precise cutouts enable access to all buttons and ports without letting dust and sand particles to enter the phone.

The cases we talked about are some of the best and most affordable cases available in the market. If you have any other suggestions, then reach out to us in the comment section below.