A wiper blade on a car is as important as a brake pad in a car. Even though, both have a different purpose and working principles both serve an important common cause “Safety”. Most of the drivers take windscreen wipers as granted and never bother replacing it after long use. Most of these drivers fail to see the danger of having a failed or broken down wiper blade, they realize this only when they have mud, snow, or heavy rainfall water on their windshield eventually causing lack of sight and accidents.

Most of the cars come with top quality wiper mechanism, but every wiper blades are prone to aging and can prove worthless after a period of time. Once, it becomes ineffective it would lack the efficiency to remove moisture and dirt from the windscreen. This is when the user should consider replacing the wiper blades. Today, there are numerous manufacturers manufacturing different types and models of wiper blades. However, here are some of the factors you should consider while purchasing a wiper blade.

  1. Size
  2. Type
  3. Type of connectors inbuilt on the car wiper system
  4. Silicone protection

Size – Size is an important factor to be considered while purchasing a wiper blade online or offline. One of the main reasons behind this is, most of the car models have different windshield size and the wiper blades comes in various sizes. It is very important the user either find the size on the owner’s manual before ordering the wiper blade or consult a mechanic if buying offline.

Type – Today, there are two types of wiper blades available on the market and the car manufacturer currently incorporates beam-style wipers on their cars as default. However, old model cars were fitted with bracket-style wiper blades. There is a huge difference between these two types. However, the old model cars with traditional bracket-style wiper blades can be replaced with both beam-style wiper blades and bracket-style wiper blades. But, new models with beam-style wiper blades cannot be fitted with bracket-style wiper blades. So, make sure you check the type of blade on our car and then purchase the wiper blade

Type of connectors – Wiper blades connected to the car wiper system various methods. Most of the new cars come with hook-style wiper blade connectors and it is an easy task for the user to replace such wiper. However, few manufacturers use a different type of connectors mainly a combination of pins and latches. These types of connectors are difficult to install, but, there are several online tutorials that explain well how to do it without making a mess.

Silicone protection – Traditional wiper blades are made of rubber and this system works just fine. But, few models available on the market lack quality and results in falling off quickly. However, today, there are silicone wiper blades available on the market that has superior quality and higher efficiency. The only drawback is that these blades are comparatively costlier than the traditional blades.

Apart from the above-mentioned four factors, there are few other factors like price, quality, manufacturer’s reputation etc. But, these are more of a personal choice and that is the reason why I have avoided mentioning them. However, always remember to check the specification and owner’s manual before purchasing a best wiper blade.

Hope this article helped you.