It has been a long while that we have been receiving news and updates regarding the smartphones which are going to make an appearance on the market in the course of the year 2017. And Apple iPhone 8 is definitely one of those. We have received a number of news coming out which has hinted at a number of high-end specs of the device one of which is the wireless charging. And the latest news that has come out has once again hinted at the fact that the upcoming flagship from Apple is going to feature wireless charging technology.

A new reports has surfaced in one of the Chinese dailies has confirmed that the Apple iPhone 8 is going to have wireless charging as one of its features. Also, reports are there that Lite-On Semi has patched up with apple in order to develop the GPP bridge rectifiers. The GPP rectifiers are usually the pre-requisites of the wireless charging technology. So that provide enough clue to the fact that Apple is all set o bring in wireless charging as one of the feature in their upcoming flagship device.

Besides this a new update has come outregarding the Apple iPhone 8 getting rebranded as something else. If that rumour turns out to be true, Apple iPhone 8 might be available on the market with the title Apple iPhone X. This is something new and it is believable that the Apple iPhone 8 might come out with the name Apple iPhone X particularly because of the fact that it is the tenth anniversary year of Apple Inc. and owing to that they might release a special edition of their flagship device instead of going in the more traditional way.

However, all these are in a state of specuylation, very much like the specifications. Rumours are making round that it will come with a number of upgraded features. And one of those is going to be the camera of the device. It is believed that Apple iPhone 8 is going to come out with a curved OLED display. Curved display is one of the features which are definitely going to come in most of the smartphone which are going to be unveiled in course of the year 2017. In fact, Apple’s prime contender in the race to become the best smartphone making brand, Samsung is reportedly going to bring in curved displays in their upcoming flagship device. So it is understandable that the Apple iPhone 8 might also feature the curved OLED display.

With the OLED display, it is for sure that the latest generation of the iPhone is going to have a revamped display resolution. Also, the camera features are also going to be enhanced. It has been previously reported that the Apple iPhone 8 is going to come out with the A11 chipset under the hood along with the iOS 11 operating system.

So as it stands now, the Apple iPhone 8 is going to be one of the best among the smartphones that are going to be launched in the course of the year 2017. However, we need to keep on waiting for few more days as Apple is yet to make a confirmation regarding the device. But the wait is definitely not going to be too long as it is expected that the announcement is going to be made very soon.