iphone 8 to be the costliest ever iphone

It’s February 2017. And latest news regarding the upcoming smartphones is flowing in from various multiple sources. Most of those updates provide some information or the other regarding the ones that are scheduled to be unveiled from the house of Apple and Samsung. And no wonder why Apple is in the headlines for often than not. It is the tenth anniversary of Apple Inc., and all the fans of Apple are eagerly looking forward to the announcements that are made from the Cupertino-based leading smartphone making brand in the world.

The one with which we are going to deal with here is not one of the latest ones. Rather it is one of the expected facts that Apple iPhone 8 is going to sport the latest processor that Apple has in store. Reports have it that the latest processor is under the development and is going to make an appearance on the market as Apple A11. It is reportedly going to be marketed as the Apple A11 Fusion processor and it is more than obvious that it will enhance the performance of the upcoming Apple iPhone 8 to some extent, if not by a huge margin. iPhone 8 will be support iOS 12.

Reports have come out that the developer of the Apple A11 Fusion processor has rolled out the processor in the latter parts of the year 2016. But we have not seen the A11 Fusion processor being engaged in any of the Apple gadgets that have come out. So that makes it all the more obvious that Apple iPhone 8 is going to feature the latest processor under the hood.

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Coming to the additional advantage that the Apple A11 Fusion processor is going to provide the users of the smartphone featuring it, it can be said that it is going to be manifold. The Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) has developed the process using the 10 nm FinFet process which has been the benchmark set by the other popular chipset developer across the world. It will definitely enhance the battery of the smartphone as it will reduce the power consumption by 40 percent. Also, a 20 percent better performance is also on the radar which is definitely going to be the most attractive feature of the smartphone if this news eventually turns out to be true.

Now, when there is such advancement is made, there is definitely going to be a rise in the price of the device. Quite expectedly Apple iPhone 8 is going to have a much higher price tag than its predecessors. It is believed that iPhone 8 will cost at least $1000 which is considerably higher than its predecessors. But it hasn’t been confirmed yet, so it remains to be seen how the actual scenario pans out. There are other reasons as well why there is a hike in the price. OLED display and wireless technology also contribute to such hike in the price.

The Apple iPhone 8 is expected to be released in the month of September this year. So the wait for the first look of the Apple iPhone will keep on going for a few more months.